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Dark lenses, light lenses, or mirrored? The choice is harder and harder. Swimmers love the mirroring effect, but sometimes they think mirrored goggles are suitable for outdoors only. Is it true?

Let’s discover something more about arena mirrored goggles.

What is “mirroring effect” made of?

Not everybody knows, mirroring is a coating put on top of light or dark lenses therefore swimmers can buy their mirrored goggles based on their training environment and light.

Lens colour
You probably noticed that our mirrored goggles range features different lens colours, ranging from completely transparent, to dark lenses with a mirror coating. The wide colour range is not intended to make confusion in people’s minds, but there is a specific reason for that.
Lens colour is conceived to adapt to a specific light environment of the pool where swimmers train. For this reason, when choosing mirrored goggles, swimmers should bear in mind if their training is mostly done in indoor or outdoor swimming pools.
So, let’s disprove the myth: it is not true that mirrored lenses are suitable for outdoor swimming only. Yet, swimmers must be careful choosing the right lens colour!

Here is a colour guide to help with colour choice.

If you swim indoors, we warmly suggest to use light lenses, namely light blue, light yellow or transparent lenses. This kind of lenses is suitable for covered pool environments in a way to let light in.

On the opposite, if you swim outdoors in sunny conditions, you want to use dark lenses. So, whether it’s dark blue or smoke, the dark lens will protect your eyes against the light. Such goggles provide mirrored extra shading against light for outdoor swimming, in well-lit pools, and in competitions.

Light blue - Indoors

Light yellow - Indoors

Transparent - Indoors

Dark Blue - Outdoors

Smoke - Outdoors

Light Clear or blue lenses are suited for indoor use or in low light conditions, as they prioritize sharp visibility over sunlight shading.

Dark Smoke or dark blue lenses are adapt for outdoor use or in strong light conditions, as they deliver a deeper comfort against sun rays.


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