Choosing the right swim goggles is not that easy, sometimes.

Our swimmers know it very well! Indeed, we asked them what they expect from a new pair of goggles.

Our qualitative market research revealed that the most common features and benefits they look for are protecting eyes and helping see underwater, in addition to high hydrodynamics in case of racing goggles. Nevertheless, all swimmers agree with seeking for superior comfort when it comes to selecting their perfect goggles.

But what exactly is comfort when it comes to goggles?

Swimmers explained, they would like to feel as if they’re not wearing anything on their face when they swim. This is true for both competitive and fitness swimmers.

arena’s answer to supreme goggle comfort

In achieving this goal, arena R&D created something unique and superior for one of the most important goggle components when it comes to comfort: the seal.
The arising Air Seals Technology incorporates a gasket design unlike any previous one: its honeycomb structure is designed to compress and adapt to the eye socket firmly yet gently.

How does the AIR SEALS TECHNOLOGY work?

The feeling of lightness comes from the innovative honeycomb construction, distributing the pressure around the eye socket as needed, while eliminating any potential for pain and stress caused by suction on sensitive areas. Underlying the Air Seals technology is the goal of letting swimmers forget they’re even wearing a pair of goggles, so they can focus on their swim.

Are they suitable for fitness or competitive swimmers?

Two different versions are available: Air-Speed for racing and Air-Soft for fitness and training.