It happens frequently:swimmers getting into your store seeking for comfortable and easy fit when choosing their new training goggles.
It is not always so easy to suggest the perfect goggle, especially when they also require clear vision and stability, besides comfort.

After studying for long the different facial shapes, arena has developed the first training goggles able to fit everyone perfectly.

Can’t believe it?

Let’s discover all the features of The One Goggles!


1. FIT

Everyone has a different face and nose shape, so designing a goggle that could fit everybody was not an easy task initially. At arena, we carried out a long study around the shape of the different faces and we came up with orbit proof technology. In other words, this technology consists of a special shape of the gasket able to fit everybody and to ensure a leaf-proof experience while swimming.

Orbit Proof Technology


The frame and the gasket are made of very soft rubber, resulting in a highly comfortable fit. Indeed, even when swimming for a long time, it is not going to hurt you.

Self Aadjusting Nose Bridge


The goggle is pretty stable thanks to its split strap at the back and it’s very easy to adjust, you just need to pull on the loose arm on the strap to tighten it and press the two buttons to release it. Very sleek design, with this one-piece construction. Everything is integrated, reminding the design of the Cobra Ultra, the famous goggle that is used by many of the competitive swimmers at the highest level.

Easy Adjustment


Last but not least, another very important goggles feature for fitness swimmers is vision. The One goggles boast polycarbonate lenses to grant a perfect, clear, undistorted vision when looking forward. At the same time, the lens is slightly curved on the side allowing for a wide vision underwater. A junior version of The One goggles is also available for kids aged 6 to 12.

Panoramic Wide Lenses

Perfect fit? From today on, swimmers won’t have problems with it. The One goggles is the perfect choice for everybody: One goggle that fits for all!