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If you believe that fogging is the main issue with swimming goggles, you are reading the right article.

Arena knows how important it is for swimmers to have a clear vision underwater: during the train or during the race, whether it is to watch the clock or to watch the competitors, it is always very important for them to have a clear vision.

For this reason, we have recently developed a brand-new anti-fog technology which is called Swipe. This technology not only works better, but also lasts much longer, allowing to reactivate it many times with a simple “Swipe” whenever the effect starts fading away.

Let’s discover the main advantages of this breakthrough technology.

How does it work?

When the lenses become foggy, it is because there is some small dirt and dust on the lenses preventing antifog from working correctly. With Swipe you will forget about this problem.

There are two main advantages behind this Technology:

“Swipe” cleaning system, given by a quick simple gesture, just putting the goggle in the water and swiping the lenses to remove dirt. This will completely recover the anti-fog effect. 

Reactivation: it is possible to reactivate the anti-fog effect many times, as soon as lenses get foggy.

How long will Swipe treatment last?

We performed several laboratory tests under severe conditions and we also went through testing with swimmers and triathletes. The result is, this anti fog lasts ten times more compared to the current technology applied on Cobra series, which is already one of the best on the market.Products: Cobra Swipe Athlete: Adam Peaty_DSC4475.tif
002507Italian National Championship - Riccione 30.11.2018/1.12.2019 
Alessandro Miressi
Credit La Presse.ph. Gian Mattia D'Alberto
002507Campionati Invernali Riccione 30.11.2018/1.12.2019 
Margherita Panziera


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